Monday, September 29, 2008

They went and done did it...

Mrs March and the Marches came home Sunday with two kittens.

It has been looming for some time now with the local shelter and waiting for the right two etc.

I am not the biggest of pet fans. Fish I don't mind but that is about it. Dogs are okay, but mostly to just visit (my brothers have em). I had a dog, and cats growing up and at times I liked it..but I never really had moments like you see in the commercials with my dog. Mostly it just barked..and crapped.

When I met Mrs March she had a cat that she found as a kitten that appeared to have been abandoned. The cat was a bitch. Never wanted to be pet, or held..just feed me and clean my litter box and I'll still hiss at you. Eff off you damn thing. Over the course of the years the cat just slowed down and last fall she passed away.

I was not GLAD she died. Mrs was upset and Little March had her first life lesson in things bigger than a fish dying.

What I did like was a pet free home. No wondering who was going to feed an animal on the rare occasion we got out of town. In the end the cat was not keeping much food down and every rug in my home bears a pet vomit stain. It was nice to have a pretty "clean" home the last few months.

Now they are back. The smell of a litter box, the smell of cat food..yeek. The kids are a little older this time and I'd REALLY like this to be a "job" for them. Clean water each day, working up to feeding. I can understand hesitation to litter box cleaning..and I am not sure they'd wash their hands well enough after etc.

It sort of bums me out on some levels I am so uninterested in all this. The kids keep asking me to come in to the bathroom (where we are keeping them for a little rugs..easy to clean spills and misses and we can use an old baby gate to hold them in a room). They want me to interact with the cats..and I try..and try to show a good face. Of course I am open to things going well mind you. Once they are a little bigger I plan to try and engage them more..and be civil about it of course..i am not a monster for god sake.

I just want a cat like you see in know..the kind that is always clean, eats lasagna and sings that cool Meow Mix song.....


At Monday, September 29, 2008 12:52:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a pet person either. When I was a kid it was okay because I didn't really have to be responsible for our cats' and dogs' upkeep - I could just play with them and cuddle on the couch with them while I watched tv and left the rest for my mom to worry about.

And now we can't have a pet with fur because hub is allergic. But if we did I would probably do what you did and put on a good face about the whole thing because it is sweet to see kids have something furry and lovable to play with.

At Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1:19:00 PM , Blogger Jenny G said...

The only living thing I want to take care of is myself.


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