Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mogwai cancels..bums March out...

Last night I was supposed to go and see Scottish band Mogwai play in Boston. About 2pm I got an email informing me that the show had been canceled. I was sad to read this as Mogwai is one of the few remaining bands on my "bands I like but have not seen live" list. The list is quite short now and its fun to chip away at the list, but alas not this night.

Appears the bands drummer, who has had some heart issues in the past, was having further issues thus necessitating a cancellation. That is good enough reason I'd have to say.

Rumor has it new dates in 2009.

Instead I went home, caught another episode of Dexter (is there a better show on TV right now? almost reason enough to get Showtime) and then played Grand Theft Auto IV for FAR longer than I should have.


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