Monday, August 27, 2007

Getting all Cousteau on your arse....

Sunday Mrs March the marches and I went to a local lake for some sunning and swimming. Little March gets in the water and hardly ever leaves, that being said I usually come prepared to be in the water and will bring along a mask and snorkle to pass the time. Little March has started to get in to that as well so its been even more fun.

The swimming area was a roped off area and most of the patrons were over at the waterslides so the water was almost ours totally. (Littlest March was building his sand kingdoms on the beach).

Little March and I found a series of big rocks and after 1-2 minutes we noticed, seemingly out of nowhere fish were appearing, 1 then 2 then 3 then 4. They were all the "same" but ranged in size from 3-4 inches long to I'd say 8 inches. They were (what we call) Sunfish:

Little March and I just looked at them and before we knew it, I counted 24 of them. I said to Little "lets go get some preztels and see if they'd eat out of our hands!" (they have no teeth). I am sure the lifeguards etc are not keen on food going in to the water so I only took 4 of those really small pretzels with me. We swam out and waited. 1-2 minutes passed and the fish start to appear.

I break off a small chunk and hold it under water..then I roll in between my thumb and forefinger to grind it up...and it was like a feeding frenzy. The fish were going CRAZY. It was pretty wild..20+ fish, zooming past us. Little March held up well..i figured she'd get freaked..but she kept asking for "One more piece".

After just a few moments we were done and Little March decided she wanted to go tell Grandma (who also came with us). We swam in towards shore (20+ feet tops?) and we stopped once and looked behind was a wall of fish following us.

Perhaps when Little (and littlest) march are older we can look in to Scuba lessons (just what I need one more expensive hobby) but I got mine years ago..and if I had someone to go with (or drive) I'd go as often as I could..I think a seed has been planted!


At Monday, August 27, 2007 3:48:00 PM , Blogger B. said...

I officially announce March as Dad of the Year 2007.

At Monday, August 27, 2007 6:54:00 PM , Blogger Ello said...

I'd better not tell this to my hubby, he took the girls to catch sunfish and bluegills at the lake and came home cranky cause the girls apparently chased all the fish away and made him row the entire length of the lake four times, cause they realized they had to go to the bathroom only when they got to the middle of the lake. Hee, hee. I still get a kick out of that!

But Little March must have had a great time!

At Tuesday, August 28, 2007 1:28:00 PM , Blogger Sammy and Joe said...

Beats the M-80's we used to feed them!

The Mrs. and I went diving in the Caymans, we took our first level PADI class and then went on our first open dive, it was unbelievable. If I had someone here to continue with, I would certainly get my certification. Maybe you should move and we can dive together!

At Tuesday, August 28, 2007 6:48:00 PM , Blogger The Guinness Tooth said...

You claim they have no teeth, but my mother has a scar on her ankle from where a sunfish bit her, a decade and a half ago.

At Wednesday, August 29, 2007 12:20:00 AM , Blogger Manic Mom said...

That is VERY cool. Reminds me of the time Mr. Manic and I were in Grand Cayman and we did the same thing with a school of fish. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, it was a school of barracuda!


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