Friday, July 7, 2006

I'll take the #8 please.

The other day Sage made the call to get Chinese food. We don't do it a lot but when we do we make a big deal about it, because we love food.

So Sage is all gassed up about "chicken fried rice". He is a hard read. I am not sure this stuff exists. He insists that is was "Fried Rice fried in chicken fat". That makes no sense to me. He then said

Well you have heard of Pork Fried Rice?

me - well yes of course

Sage - well that's fried with the fat of pork.

Not sure where Sage gets his food but the last I knew it was white rice colored w/soy sauce and "fried" with and egg etc.

All during this discussion I was looking at the menu..since lunch was 18+ hrs away I needed to decide.

Then I saw it...its on EVERY menu. Chop Suey. People must order it because its on EVERY Chinese menu. The thing is I know nobody that has eaten it or able to even describe, when in a pinch if I ask what is in it. (I know look it up...but you get my drift)

I run in to the same issue when someone says "I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy" so in a pinch (again no web access) I always say "Which one was the first since I have seen none I want to run in order". 95% of the responses I get are "ummm ahhh I think its XXXXXX well look it up by year and you'll get the right info".

Back to Sage....

So I ask Have you tried it. (re: Chop Suey)

His response - have you never seen a picture of it in a Chinese restaurant menu?

me - nope.

Sage - ummm how about looking it up on line?

Chop Suey to me growing up was cooked hamburger mixed with spaghetti sauce and noodles. (that I did look up and there are about 100000 variations on it so why set up a link). Chinese have noodles but no spag sauce, or even hamburger last I checked.

So its time to try out this "world wide web" all these kids at work are talking about and get me some answers.

After I find out I may (or may not) become the only living American person who has eaten/purchased and liked/disliked it.

To sum things up..and I'll quote George Carlin "It is thinking of meaningless crap like this that kept me out of the really good schools".


At Friday, July 07, 2006 5:30:00 PM , Blogger Debbie said...

The history channel did an hour long show about how Chop Suey was the first dish Americans embraced from the chinese.

I've heard of chicken fried rice. The cart outside my office sells it.

At Friday, July 07, 2006 5:40:00 PM , Blogger Jenny G & Rusty said...

I've never had chop suey. I'm a General Tsao's Chicken person. Our Chinese restaurant has pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetable fried rice.

At Saturday, July 08, 2006 12:59:00 PM , Blogger pog mo thoin said...

Chow Mein is much like Chop Suey. It's on every Chinese menu but no one has ordered it, at least in my presence.

I did once because I was inspired by the lyrics of "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon.

"I saw a Werewolf walking in Soho in the rain.

He was going to a place called Lee ho fuks

Going to get a big dish of Beef Chow Mein."

So Beef Chow Mein is wok fried beef with soy sauce, vegetables and noodles. This does not answer your original chop suey question which should just be relegated to the many unanswerable quandries of life.

At Saturday, July 08, 2006 6:06:00 PM , Blogger The Guinness Tooth said...

I too saw that show on Chop Suey, and yet I have no recolection of what I watched. I think my dad used to eat chop suey, back in the day, I should give him a call and ask what the stuf is.

Hey PMT, I order chow mein nearly every time I have chinese food. It fucking rocks. I love the stuff.

At Saturday, July 08, 2006 6:07:00 PM , Blogger The Guinness Tooth said...

Stupid me.

I eat Lo Mein, not Chow Mein. I don't even know what chow mein is.

PS: I'm calling for chinese this very moment.

At Sunday, July 09, 2006 1:10:00 AM , Blogger emetic sage said...

hey big red --

it's like jenny g and rusty pointed out in that link; chop suey is just a meat item served up with some vegetables over rice. it comes from the chinese words [in mandarin] za sui, meaning literally "chopped up mixed pieces".

and i was just busting your stones about the chicken fried rice; it's not fried in chicken fat, it's just fried rice with chunks of chicken in it.

and i was so disappointed we didn't have it for lunch i ordered some up friday night when i got home. crab rangoons too...

At Sunday, July 09, 2006 6:45:00 PM , Blogger Rusty said...

I've eaten chow mein and chop suey (since they're a lot alike, just one has noodles on top), and they're both pretty good. I think they were actually invented by Americans...but I could be wrong. I'm Rusty, but Jenny wrote the comment from "us"...I didn't do any research other than previous experience. I'd give it a try, but perhaps have a standby item in case you hate it. :)


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