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2012 - The Shows

As we close out 2012 I figured before we hit the “favorites” of the year list I'd have a look back at the shows of 2012. I had tickets for 18 shows and made it to 16. Not too bad, although I hate missing shows. I've added some links to shows if I wrote reviews on them. I got lazy this year and didn't commit as much to writing as I should have. Lets look to improve that in 2013!

The first show I got to in 2012 didn't show up until May when I decided to head to Lupos in Providence to see Korn. I called the day of the show, they had tickets and they played late enough for me to head home, do some family stuff then go. I've always liked them for some reason and the show was decent enough. A few days later I “FINALLY” got to see Mark Lanegan play a headline solo show. He took to the stage that Mothers Day evening and it was everything I had waited and hoped for.

End of May (29
th) I headed to the Comcast Center to see Radiohead. Its no secret I struggle with 'getting' Radiohead and the show sadly didn't do much to sway me. I had hoped I'd “get it”....still don't.

June 7th I caught Phish at the DCU Center. This year they moved to the top of the list for “bands I've seen most”. 17. Pales in comparison to other phisheads, but I tend to only see them one night of multi night runs and the like. That being said, they were top notch. The last two times at DCU have been not so good, so it was great they were on it this night. Plus side..first show in AGES that I didn't have to drive to. End of June (26th) I caught Iron Maiden. Never had seen them again. It was a pretty visually stunning show. A rough mix at the start was a little off putting, but the ravenous fan base and the images and showmanship were pretty awesome. Four days later found myself front row center for Umphree's McGhee. A buddy hooked me up huge, and they were really great. I know, I know..any band that close would be impressive...but they did a great job in winning me over. I'll see them in January 2013.

The end of July I saw Irish post rock band “And So I Watch You From Afar” at TT the bears. The club show had that “just right amount” of people and it was a really fun show.

End of August brought on one of , if not my favorite shows of the year. Caspian was doing a “cd listening party” for their new disc...and surprised everyone by playing a full live set. Hearing the new stuff on cd, then a few of them live was really a blast. Going with many friends added to the frenzy of the evening.

September 19
th was probably my second favorite, (if not first) and one of the shows that shot to a top 10 of all time sort of gigs. Michael Kiwanuka played the Paradise. With just one record to support he just brought it. Hard to really describe..other than astounding. Four days later I was in a field in Canton Ma for Day 2 of the Life is Good Festival. My wife and kids (as well as brother/sister in law and niece and nephew came). Good weather helped and its a nice festival. Sharon Jones and Trombone Shorty were the two standouts for me personally. The next night headed to see Peter Gabriel do “So” in full as well as other stuff. It was the oddest “large venue” show I have ever been to. It was so grossly undersold it was almost embarrassing. Balcony totally closed and what did have people was pretty spread out. Glad I didn't break the bank on this one. It was okay, not sure I'd do it again, but glad I saw if that makes any sense. Three nights later (whew) went to Royale to see Caspain open for Cursive and Minus the Bear. It was a fun, albeit VERY short set..but they used the time and I lost my mind. It was nice to hang out after..but the place was DEAD when Minus the Bear came on..Caspian won this battle..so I left.

October 1st I was lucky enough to have the chance to see God Speed you Black Emperor at the Orpheum. I missed them close to 10 years ago so it was good to get that chance. I had seats in the balcony to “take it all in” and then when I arrived found my seat(s) were taken by projectors. So...we got moved..to about the 10th row center. Pretty darn cool. The set was about 4 tunes and close to two hours. Amazing experience. Switching gears totally two nights later it was down to the Met Cafe in Rhode Island for The Punch Brothers. This show was moved from the much larger Lupos, but they were perfect for this room. On the 15th I went back to see The Sword who just brought the house down. Their new disc was well represented and the crowd was loving it.

On December 7, and with the posse in excess of 30 people I took in Caspian at Royale. This was an interesting show leading up to it all...they were supposed to be in a new venue that had issues getting open, so it was moved. Then their set times were pushed earlier and earlier. They were on stage at 8:20pm. A blessing on some fronts for me personally as I had to be up the next morning for a hockey game over an hour from my house. The band was just on fire and this rivaled any show I've ever seen from them or otherwise. Where the cd release party was fun, I had some time to digest the new record and the new tunes live (although I had heard many before, just didn't know their names) was a great touch. Being surrounded by so many like minded fans and friends added to it.

I thought I was done for shows then I got a little update that Caspian was going to do their ep “You are the Conductor” in full as a special guest during the “Last Night On Earth” show at the Middle East downstairs. They were the first band on that evening, did the ep and headed off the stage. Hearing Last Rites, For Protection and Loft are all VERY rare, so that was cool to be a part of. Of course I wanted a longer set.

So, there you have it. 2013 is coming/is here, so I'll see you at the shows.
For "reviews" of many of these shows click the links/tags/labels for live shows etc if you are in to such things.

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