Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Music : Grifter

File under how the heck did I miss this?

How do you follow up an album that topped some of the most respected webzine's Top 10 lists in 2011?

By making a better one of course! Grifter's first album was seven years in the making and was very much a process of "clearing house" for the band. With album number two the pressure is on to deliver...and the band are rising to the challenge! Writing for the album is ongoing and the songs are tighter, more focused, more varied and better than ever!

Grifter aim to hit the studio with producer Rich Robinson in early 2013 and on the album's release embark on a rigorous gigging schedule. Lets hope for a US tour.
See what the press has to say:

"One of the best hard rock albums from top to bottom that I have listened to this year." --

"This power trio channels the heaviness of early masters like Black Sabbath, and also contemporaries such as Clutch and Kyuss. Their heavy rock may blow out a woofer or two if played too loud, but you'll likely be too busy tapping your toes or grinning from ear to ear to notice" -- Dangerdog Music (4/5)

"In a time when too many rock bands are trying to be over cleaver and too flash for their own good Grifter are a breath of fresh air." -- The BCFM Sunday Rockshow

Here for yourself, and even buy it right here

Let's do this

The album and Heavy Ripples Compilation double 7" are both available now at the Ripple Music Store, as well as Nail Distribution in North America, Code 7 Distribution in the UK, and Clearspot International.



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