Monday, July 23, 2012

Vintage Punk Rock - The Guns!

So in 1982 a bunch of 12-15 year olds called "The Guns" had their debut performance at "The BEer Bash" which was in the home of a Cleveland band "Spike in Vain".  One show did it all
The performance generated an instant following for the band because of songs like "I'm Not Right," about a lack of acceptance from their peers, and "Locked Inside," about feeling trapped without adult freedoms.

The trio immediately started gigging at places like The Pop Shop, a club that was in the basement of the larger Agora venue; The Cleveland Underground, a bar in The Flats that was a strip club up to the moment the bands came in (meaning bands played with stripper poles between themselves and the audience); The Lakefront, a derelict hole-in-the-wall of a bar just a couple blocks up from where Cleveland Browns Stadium now stands...

Smog Veil Records reissue of the album is coming soon.  Check out
"I'm Not Right" (audio only via You Tube) to hear some really great 80's punk.


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