Monday, May 21, 2012

Heldin - Swampy Blues Rock..whats not to love?

Like the Melvins?  Looking for an album with some melodic blues and swampy metal riffs?  Toss in the good old "whiskey soaked vocals" and you get the idea!

Heldin debut titled, Profungalactic, was recorded in Brooklyn, NY by Jason LaFarge, will be released digitally June 5, 2012 and on CD June 26, 2012. Heldin is a rock quartet that hails from Brooklyn's waterfront area, Red Hook. The band is fronted by Aubrey Smith, the "diminutive pirate queen," as she is hailed by her band mates.

The self-released EP contains five songs that range from heavy rock tracks like "On The Nose," to eerie and hypnotic numbers like "You Picked The Wrong Cow." The title track, "Profungalactic," is an expression in dynamic vocals, dirty slide guitar and explosive drums. Rounding out the EP are "No Toto," a sludgy song about a dog and "Love Song," a twisted ode to love and melody.

Profungalactic, features Aubrey Smith (Broken Social Scene, The Batterie and Percy Jones & the MJ-12) on vocals and keyboards; Phil Kester (Gongzilla, Elliptical Ferns, Drumplay and The Batterie) on drums; Scott Murchison (Chicken Missile and Nymph) on guitars. The current live line-up includes Jason LaFarge playing bass who has previously played in Hallux and Pineal Ventana and Frank McDermott from We Are All Savages playing guitars.

Recommended if you like Harvey Milk, Melins and Dickless.

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