Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cairo Knife Fight

I was reading the "100 Bands I need to Know" in a recent issue of Alternative Press Magazine. The list can be daunting when the bulk of them are "unknowns" by some stretch of the word.

A nice feature they add to the description of the band is "For Fans of". In doing that you'd be able to see that the band might sound like one, two or three bands you dig. A few piqued my interest so I wrote them down on a sheet of paper and then the next day while on lunch break I started checking out samples.

One, struck me harder than any other.

Cairo Knife Fight

A duo. Just guitar and drums from New Zealand. Suggested if you liked Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures (Josh from Queens of the Stone Age) and finally Led Zeppelin. Okay you have my interest.

Hopped on to Youtube and just happened upon this gem.

The big looping guitar at the three minute mark from Aaron Tokona and just his overall "vibe" just open the track up. Nick Gaffaney who handles the vocals and drums does some live drum looping and it all takes off.

Okay, I'll agree, the falsetto vocals are a little off putting. Anyone I sent this to seemed to agree "Big huge riffs, vocals sorta ehh" but then Nick levels it out some and it just rocks.

I can do a digital download from iTunes but being that silly old schooler I want the cd. Need to start looking for a decent price on it.

Hopefully they'll tour the East Coast. How that audience sat still is a mystery.

Make of it what you will..but its pretty awesome. Come on..look at Aaron!!!



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