Thursday, April 19, 2012

Larkin Poe at Cafe 939 April 25th

From 2005 to 2010 Rebecca and Megan toured as "The Lovell Sisters" playing stages from the Grand Ole Opry to summer festivals on the scale of Bonnaroo and Telluride. They'd even tour as support for Elvis Costello and offer back up support during his set.

The two then formed Larkin Poe in 2010 and looking to find out things their "own way" they released four seasonally themed EPs in 2010 and eventually made its way to a boxed set called "The Band for All Seasons".

The band will be touring for their 5th release "Thick as Thieves" (Out April 10th).

For fans of folk rock, meets soulful acoustic R+B you'll also hear the heavy southern roots.

Video for "Long Hard Fall" as well as a video for "Play On"

Here is a list of show dates:
Date City Venue Other artists
4/23) Easton, MD NightCat The Shadowboxers
4/25) Boston, MA Cafe 939 The Shadowboxers & Ryan Hood
4/26) Pittsfield, MA The Garage at The Colonial Theatre The Shadowboxers
4/27) Brooklyn, NY Spike Hill The Shadowboxers
4/28) New York City, NY The Living Room The Shadowboxers
4/29) Rochester, NY Abilene The Shadowboxers
5/1) Pittsburgh PA Club Café The Shadowboxers

More information on their site or you can check out their facebook page.


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