Thursday, October 4, 2012

godspeed you! black empeor - Orpheum Theater, Boston

godspeed you! black emperor
Orpheum Theater, Boston MA
Monday Ocotber 1, 2012

After a few years off, and me getting a second chance was finally able to see Canadian post rockers
godspeed you black emperor this past week at the Orpheum in Boston. Originally I had seats in the balcony. Wanted to sit there as I knew GSYBE was a band that sat down when they played and there would be visuals.

Upon arriving we were told our seats were being used for projectors and that we'd be relocated.
Hello 12th row.

I was not too keen at first, but once they started to play it all worked out great.

The five tunes the band played clocked in at close to 2hours. It was chaotic at times and others the most quiet calming music. The power of music is just so great and when it can take you way..well its all the better.

The full set.
Their Helicopters' Sing
Untitled New Track
The Sad Mafioso

They'd all slowly walk off stage during The Sad Mafioso. The only acknowledgement of the audience was the hand waves. They'd never say a word.

The band is currently on tour and has a new release that was being this opening night of the tour (20$US) for the vinyl. It is out in stores mid month.



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