Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cool band Alert: Rah Rah

Sorta excited about what I have heard so far.

The terms "breakout" and "next big thing" get bandied about a lot in the press, but for Canadian sextet Rah Rah, 2012 has definitely been the breakout year, and The Poet's Dead is their official greeting to the world. Riding a wave of critical and underground goodwill from their sophomore LP Breaking Hearts, The Poet's Dead is the sound of a band working at their full powers, after years of honing their skills on the road.

Lyrically, The Poet’s Dead showcases some of their finest, most direct songwriting and is their strongest release to date. From the self-reflections of "20s" and "Prairie Girl" to the wistful hope of "First Kiss", the songs discuss maturity, growing up and life in a rock and roll band from a group that have spent much of the past few years doing exactly that. These are songs handcrafted to make you think, to create dreams and to break your heart. They're also catchy as hell.

The Poet's Dead is available now via Hidden Pony Records

The band is on tour (no east coast dates) but jump over to their Official Site and check out the tunes posted and the vids.  Also, sign up for their mailing list and get even more tunes!



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