Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Caspian - AS220, Providence Rhode Island 10/31/09

AS220, Providence, Rhode Island
Saturday October 31, 2009

It might seem odd to do a review of a show when they are not the headliner (last minute change of plans) but when its the band you care about things change.

Halloween night had been on the calendar for me for a bit. Boston area band Caspian was headed to Providence for a show. They would be coming off a massive European run of shows and cap it off with this show.

I had been following the band on line via Facebook and on twitter (links to the bands FB and Twit pages). All along AS220 was pushing Caspian to play at midnight. All fine and good since I needed to get the kids out and back from trick or treating.

Then I got a twitter update from Caspian saying "Come early..we go on at 10:30". All the better. So, with little hassle I arrived at the show, paid $6.00 and got ready to have some ripping tunes thrown my way.

I tracked down Phil. I had owed him some cds. One was from their cd release party a few months back, and the second was a cd copy of the Mogwai show from back in May. It was good to see him, he was gracious as always and we chatted quick as they were setting up the merch table. He did tell me they'd have a little down time, but were going to do a short run of shows, then a full US tour in March and then head back to Europe. (Boston folks..mark 12/30 down on your calendar for the Middle East Downstairs).

There were a bunch of bands playing but Phil said they sorta wanted to play and then just hang out. Cool enough I thought.

About 10:30 the band took the stage and began "The Raven" which is on the bands latest record "Tertia". The set list was brief (only 30 minutes) but the band made the best of their time. The tracks exploded off the amps and drums and the band gave it their all. Throwing their bodies around the stage and filling the room with the swirling guitars. The audience, some dressed in Halloween garb, bobbed along with the band and gave thunderous applause at the end of each track.

The whole set was from the new record:
The Raven
Ghosts of the Garden City

Sycamore is a perfect closer. The song slowly builds to a massive drum circle with everyone just wailing away before ending with a massive thump of the drums. The band circled to wave and that was it..they were done.

A much needed break, but they will be back before you know it.

Check them out sooner than later. Don't make me pull a "I told you so" a year or more down the road.

Check out Caspian on their myspace page for tunes and tour dates.

Image from the bands myspace page.



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