Monday, October 19, 2009

Echo and the Bunnymen, Great Scott, Allston MA October 18, 2009

Echo and The Bunnymen
Great Scott, Allston, MA
Sunday, October 19, 2009

A few weeks ago I was combing facebook or twitter, and I saw a post noting that Echo and the Bunnymen were going to do a one, off, super small club show at Great Scott. In reading the capacity of the venue is between 220-240 persons. It was a ticket I just had to at least try for.

Day of ticket on sale I sat on the main sale page, clicking refresh from time to time and then shortly after 10am I got a message "No tickets available". Oh, well at least I tried, but was surprised the tickets seemed to be "sold out" before they even went on sale. About 20 minutes later, on a whim I tried again, and actually scored a single ticket (which is all I was after).

Sunday came, and snow was flying. Yes, you read that right, it was snowing. Parking near the club had me worried so I left a little earlier than I'd liked to for a regular show, but that pro activeness was worth it. The snow slowed everyone down and I think the timing was perfect, as I was about 50 yards from the front door in a "legal" parking spot.

The doors were at 9, but the band was still sound checking when I arrived so we stood in the wind, rain and snow. Finally about 9:15 we were let in. I made my way towards the front part of the room and just took up residence. I was about 10 feet off the stage off to the right some, but I was close.

Finally, at about 10:30 the band took the tiny stage. Lead singer Ian McCulloch was decked out in a pea coat, and wore sunglasses for the duration. Guitarist Will Sergeant was to his right and the rest of the band filled in. (keyboards, bass, second guitar).

The band opened with "Going Up" the lead off track from their debut album "Crocodiles".

The band would mix around their long archive of songs, but it felt woefully short. (1hr and 5 minutes?)

The band was strong, but sort of seemed to be going through the motions. Ian would speak to the audience only on rare occasions, sort of having a sleepy drawl to his delivery. When he sang he sounded great, and that is what mattered, but it being a small venue and "special" would have been a little cooler to connect with the audience.

Will rolled through his guitars, swapping out time and time again. He'd really strum, wave the ebow and shoot some rock star poses from time to time.

Here is the full set list:
Going Up
Show of Strength
Villers Terrace
Strormy Nights
Forgotten Fields
Seven Seas
Bring on the Dancing Horses
All That Jazz
Think I need it Too
Back of Love
Killing Moon
Nothing Lasts Forever
Lips Like Sugar

It was a fun and neat night for sure. I wish the band was a little more aware and made more of a connection with the audience. This was a hardcore bunch of folks with a median age of probably 31, if not older. A little longer, a little more friendly and it would really have been something, but all that said I am glad I went.

Some shots:



At Thursday, October 22, 2009 8:31:00 PM , Blogger Ryan Spaulding said...

Definitely the most intimate EABM show of 2009. Echo fans should be jealous


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