Monday, August 31, 2009

Caspian - TT The Bears Place, Cambridge, MA August 29, 2009

TT The Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA
Saturday, August 29, 2009
Support - Actors and Actresses, Arms + Sleepers.

The final show of a three night run in the states before heading to Europe for a massive tour, Beverly, MA based Caspian packed the small club to the gills for a cd release party. "Tertia", which is out now in Europe will get a release to stores come September 15th in the States. The good news, was it being a cd release party, I was able to secure a copy of the new cd.

Actors and Actresses were on stage when I arrived and I settled in to a spot. It was a sell out, so sure enough come the time Caspian started I had found one of the worst places in the venue to stand.

The fun part is with this being a big send off Caspian could have many friends and families in the audience. Some had a little too much to drink as well.

After some change over Phil took the mic, thanked everyone for coming and informed us they'd be right back.

Once one stage, and for the next hour the band just gave it their all. Songs from the ep, the first full length and the new cd were all played. The band flailed around the small stage, rocking bodies back and forth and the guitars just swirled around the room. The start of each song was greeted with more and more applause and hollers.

The show ended with "Sycamore" (last track on Tertia) with a massive drum breakdown. A gentleman that appeared to be Phil's father came up on stage and joined in the hard hitting drum "circle". It ended in elation in the audience and hugs on stage. The band is ready to conquer Europe that is for sure.

The band will probably take a little time off before doing a large scale U.S. tour. Catch em now, seriously it could only be a matter of time.

Full set list:
The Raven
Of Foam and Wave
Further Up
Further In
Ghosts of the Garden City
Some Are White Light

Check out Caspian on myspace for music and tour dates.



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