Friday, May 15, 2009


It has been a little over 12 hours now since the Boston Bruins fell in overtime of game 7 to the Carolina Hurricanes and, you know goes on.

Am I sad? Sure.
Disappointed? On some levels yes
Happy it's "over"?" - again yes and no.

Readers of this blog know that I am a hockey fan first and foremost, a Bruins fan second. I can watch just about any team play, at least a period, on television and interest.

Two years ago the Bruins were 13th in the division. Last year they snuck in as the 8th seed, played a game 6 that was off the charts. That one game even had me post a blog post on "So this is how it feels". They scored goals late to force the game 7 and suddenly it was okay to be a fan of the Bruins.

Before the season, expectations were average at best. They "might" make the play-offs was the buzz...but they'd end the regular season with 116 points, first in the East.

I have lived in the area my entire time on this planet. I am used to losing (86 Red Sox), a HORRID Football team for lots of year (you couldn't even see the games on TV and we lived 20 minutes from the stadium) a Celtics team that historically been amazing fall on hard times.

Then it sort of happened. The Patriots started winning. The stadium was full, it was hard to get tickets and the waiting list for season tickets is more than the capacity of the stadium. The Red Sox won after 86 years..then took a year off..then won it again. Even the Celtics who had been below average for a lot of years won it all last year.

This was the Bruins turn..or it is their turn right?

I am optimistic. The salary cap comes in to play but the Bruins have always been smart to develop their young talent. Adding to that I get to see (and meet) a lot of these guys play on their AHL affiliate squad the Providence Bruins.

Still..when I sat back to watch the games on TV it never seemed "loud enough" for me. Even in High Def it seemed like the stands were lacking the action. When i watched the Capitals games, the seats were full, the people Boston, at the start of each period the lower bowl gold EMPTY seats stood out. I realize its been unhip to be, or say you are a Bruins fan for a lot of years but the hassle and price of a ticket, you'd think these people would be in their seat.

Oh..and at the end..when we lose in OT on a fluke goal its real classy to toss your garbage on to the ice.

Do me a favor and stay the hell at home..seriously. You make the city look bad and the game look bad. When Washington lost I didn't see ONE thing get thrown on the ice. In fact..with 2 minutes left and the team down by 3+ goals their fans stood..and cheered. Sure they were going no further, but they told the team..we have faith in you..we will be here next year..we will make it hard for people to get tickets..we will make teams hate to play here because it is so noisy etc.

I want the team to win as much, or more than most. Some day I want to feel that feeling that "my team" did it. Am I tired of waiting? Well a little, but effort goes a long way..and if they rolled over all season then I'd be soured on it.

This post makes little sense as I try to work through what really is insignificant on the grand scheme of life..just trying to tell myself its okay, we will make it..and when the puck drops we will start the cycle all over...opening night is only 5 months away.


At Saturday, May 16, 2009 8:08:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

Sorry :(

At Saturday, May 16, 2009 11:44:00 AM , Blogger Ello said...

Me too, I'm sorry.


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