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Superdrag - Paradise Boston November 3, 2007

The Paradise, Boston MA
Saturday November 3, 2007

Superdrag are a band from Knoxville, TN. They released a few records to mild success, each striking a chord less with the masses as time went on, but each record would be stronger than the last and hardcore fans were always rewarded with some of the most perfect power pop rock albums ages. The band would have some mild success on the MTV front based off "Sucked out" which was on the debut album "Regretfully Yours". The four core members, John Davis - guitar and vocals, Tom Pappas on bass, Brandon Fisher - guitars and Don Coffey Jnr on drums would release "Regretfully Yours", tour and then follow that up with "Head Trip in Every Key". The label (Electra) wanted the band to duplicate the hit/sound on "Sucked Out" but it never really happened and the band was sadly cast in to "One hit wonder land". That album was largely ignored by the fans from the first, but there are some real gems on this record. The band didn't tour much for that record and Pappas and Fisher would leave the band. Superdrag would continue to write, record and perform but in 2003 the band would go on hiatus.

The hiatus is now over...well for seven shows at least and the original members are back in the fold.

The ravenous fans at the Paradise showered the band with affection and the band, visually moved played for 2hours pretty much "Regretfully and Head Trip" in their entirety. Many of the fans probably never had the chance to see this core together. Superdrags final show was in Boston (same venue) but the band had a few members roll in and out. Fans waited for this core to come together once more.

Facing the stage Fisher was to the left, Davis in the middle, Coffey on drum in the back and the wild man Pappas to the right. His huge afro flailing back and forth as he'd do his rock star kicks, jumps and chords on the bass. During the moments the band would tune they'd thank the audience, the openers and pretty much everyone in between. Pappas is more the emcee between songs allowing perhaps Davis a few moments to rest his voice...he was belting out some of the tracks beyond what I'd ever recall on the cds.

In a live setting the last few times Davis struggled with the upper ranges, he was smoking and drinking a lot as well. He is now clean and sober, and has made room for Jesus in his life (released 2 solo records that are faith based) he was so appreciative of the ovations.

The band, barring slowing down perhaps to tune up went one after the other. Here is the set list:

Whitey's Theme
Slot Machine
Truest Love
N.A. Kicker
Nothing Good is Real
Tell Me I'm Not Free
I'm Expanding My Mind
Sold You an Alibi
Do the Vampire
Pine Away
Keep it Close to Me
Sucked Out
True Believer

Bloody Hell
Destination Ursa Major

27 tunes and just about 2hrs. There were a few quieter moments when Davis would play the piano, but honestly the run from "keep it close to me" to the end of the set was unreal over the top rocking, they just did NOT slow down. It ended on a high note.

The encore was decent and before it began my buddy Jason said "What the heck else can they play?" Closing out with the always fun "Rocket" the band extended the jam at the end and took the sound about double its length (went from 3 or so minutes to 6) but it worked. With big smiles, waves and final bow the band left the stage.

On the way out of the venue the merchandise boot was overflowing as the band was there signing anything handed them. (They did this pre-show as well).

Overall it was a very good evening. The hiatus overall was a plus allowing John and Don (the 2 that have carried it on) but Tom and Brandon added that great 1-2 punch. Perhaps they will do this on their own terms and tour now and then. Perhaps these times they will get the attention they so deserve.

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At Wednesday, November 07, 2007 10:39:00 AM , Blogger Ello said...

I always wondered how singers can smoke so much and still sing. Doesn't it hurt? I remember social smoking and waking up with such a bad sore throat. I saw Beautiful South in concert and the lead singer, who has a beautiful voice, chainsmoked non-stop. Can't figure it out.

FYI - you cracked me up with your story addition! Where are my keys? Priceless. My husband was cracking up on that one. Said he wished he thought of that first.


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