Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good for him..but kind of a bummer for me/us.

Later today my nephew and I are going to meet the Providence Bruins. It is one of those nice perks that I get as a season ticket holder (mind you just five games but still very cool).

We've been getting geared up and my only goal honestly was to see if I could secure an autographed puck from hot goalie prospect Tuukka Rask. They are touting him to be a big deal so figured an autographed puck might be cool.

Well today I learned he has been sent up to the Boston Bruins. It is a good move for him as he is currently 6-1 in Providence and could use some experience and face time in the NHL. The downside is he probably will NOT be there tonight. He might be..but I doubt it as he is probably involved in practice(s) and the team plays the Sabres, in Buffalo tomorrow.

Oh well, we are going to have a great time regardless.


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