Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In the News...

In the news -

Read in ESPN the magazine : Mom arrested for smoking pot in her car while at child's soccer practice.

Omaha residence have been asked to call 911 if the see anyone smoking in public.

The new trend in plastic surgery - "Eyelash transplants"

A gang beat up teenager in Canada and filmed it on video, then they forced the victim to watch the tape of the beating.

Of the 100 million people added to the US Population since 1967, 55% were immigrants or their U.S.Born offspring - Chicago Tribune.

The average annual pay for an American CEO is 10.5 million - 369 times the pay of the average worker - Businessweek

Studies have shown that eating as few as 2 poppy seeds off your bagel will produce a positive result for opiates on drug tests -

A German inventor created the i-Stick. Its like a medical alert bracelet but inside a cane.

The price tag for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will soon surpass the price tag of the decade long Vietnam conflict. By next year the US will pass 600 BILLION. The Vietnam War in todays dollars...536 Billion (USA Today)

92% of frequent flier airline miles are never used.

Only10% of the estimated 135,000 adoptions in the US each year involve an "anonymous unwed mother" surrendering her baby.

39% of highschoolers today say they expect to be millionaires by age 40. Currently only 1.2% of American adults actually are.

Kevin "Cannonball" Aiderton is a 35 year old speed skier that just set a new speed record...105 MPH...oh yeah..he is blind.

A Missouri couple bought a 1,600 cam corder took it home, opened the box and found a box of pasta sauce. Upon returning to the store they were not allowed the exchange..since the package was sealed when it left the store.

The world chess foundation will begin to test its players for steroids.

GQ magazines Newlyweds of the year? Kid Rock and Pam Anderson.

Want that OJ Book that was dropped? Over 200,000 EACH on ebay.

Jay Leno is quoted as saying he has not eaten a vegetable since 1969. After being married for 26 years now he says "I am not trying to impress the ladies".

More than 155,000 Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. 16,000 of these are unwed mothers. (Washington Post)

More than 50,000 people in America have died between 2000-2004 as a result of something they ate. (Howard News Service)

The AK-47 assault rife, introduced in WW2 remains the firearm of choice for 50 nations armies and countless guerrillas. Its is used to kill about 250,000 people a year (Washington Post)

Internet shopping this holiday is expected to rise 23% this year to 27 billion. (Smartmoney)

Online dating services will make over 550 Million this year alone. 55% of its members are over 35. (Consumer Reports)


At Wednesday, December 13, 2006 9:34:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm going back to bed LOL

At Wednesday, December 13, 2006 10:14:00 AM , Blogger karitown said...

Whew. That was exhausting. Okay so I'm all caught up now;))

At Wednesday, December 13, 2006 6:25:00 PM , Blogger Jen said...

Poor, misguided high school kids. Do you know what store that was with the camera? I wonder if those people were lying.


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