Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time for a break...

no not from bloggin..but from the long weekend. Mrs.March being the breadwinner/trooper that she is worked all three days of the weekend. The little Marches and I kept busy but I am such a loser..i was in bed before 9pm Saturday and Sunday..before 930 on Friday and Monday. Laaaaahoooo-zer.

Other news.
Fans of the band Ministry may be sad to learn (or happy) that they plan to release one more album and then call it
quits. I'll admit I have been a fan, but the last few albums have not been anything to write home about. The latest has gotten some moderate reviews on the positive side so I am curious. This final of the "trilogy" is going to once again bash George W. Come on, has this not been played out enough? I get it, you don't like him (that goes for all of the entertainment business) we get it..move on. I'll probably hit the old LaLa route for it.

Speaking of, I got my first "bill" from them..guess I need to read the "fine print" as my bill was for 28.00. Seems you are charged not only when you receive them, but when you send them too. Somehow it all seemed to good right? I have slowed down some on it as I have unloaded some stuff I just didn't care that much about. I am sitting at about 51 trades but I had to resub for a jazz cd. Seems it was "sent" but I never got it..so after 21 days LaLa decides to "mark it" as received and the sender (if they really sent it) thinks you got it. So if this jazz cd arrives this week, I have a second one coming.

Finally I saw this link last week and finally I am getting to it. I have worn glasses since 1st grade. I got my first set of contacts last summer and I like them the times I have worn them. Lasix is kinda scary to me, but my brother had it done with little/no complications. I saw this and it was really too much. "Installing magnets" inside yer nose. No way.


At Thursday, July 06, 2006 3:19:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is another cool site where you can trade DVD's for 99 cents, called PeerFlix.


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