Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Here it is Tuesday and I am talking about the weekend. Kinda funny/annoyance I had to share.

Saturday after a day of yard work etc decided to take Mrs March and the little marches to dinner. Since Mrs March had to work mothers day and we didn't have a big b'day celebration we decided we'd up it some. Rather than the usual Applebees we decided to go to Bugaboo Creek. For those of you not familiar with this, its a steak house kinda place that is supposed to be like the inside of a Canadian Rocky lodge. Its got all sorts of crap on the wall and its really quite kid friendly and the food, at least in my opinion is quite good.

My daughter has had issues with the restaurant. There are a few animals that 'talk', and she is not too keen on this. When you walk in to the place you are greeted by a talking tree to boot. She decided she'd be brave so mom could have a nice dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant at about 5, which you have to, otherwise you wait 45+ minutes. Being 35 I can hardly stand to wait for food, let alone w/2 kids. We walk in and my wife is in front, the 2 marches, then me. We walk in to the small lobby and the tree freaking bursts to life. Its like an artificial Christmas tree with HUGE eyes and a mouth that moves. The tree spins a little too back and forth. The major issue..there is no f'ing sound. Littlest March who was in front of me FRRRRRRRRRREAKS OUT. His whole body shakes and he takes like 3 steps back. I put my hand down on his chest and pull him close telling him "its okay, its fake, but happy to see you etc" His little chest is beating about 1000 times a second. He is NOT pleased. Middle march starts saying "Oh I don't think I want to be here!". We hurry in and we are greeted by the hostesses "HI WELCOME TO BUGABOO!!!" We have 2 kids in tears and I somehow muster the courage to say "Please, don't sit us any where near any animal or thing that talks". Dinner ends without a hitch actually so it was not too bad in the long run. On the comment card I said "fix the tree or unplug it"

Sunday our town did a Memorial Day parade. Don't check your calendar you didn't suddenly miss a whole week. Dunne why they do it but they do. Little March and I got some key seats since Mrs and Middle were going to march for the Brownie troop. We were near a war memorial so we got to hear a blessing and the "21 gun salute". They even did a fly over w/2 Jets and a helicopter. That stuff never gets old.

That was it. Bugaboo was good, but I have a feeling that will be it for a few more months, if not years.


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