Thursday, April 13, 2006


This is a silly topic but for some reason I was thinking about it today.

You ever see someone with the same article of clothing that you own? Its so weird. Think about all the people, and all the stores, but suddenly you see the exact same shirt on someone. I am not talking like seeing a Red Sox Jersey on someone at a game either. Just out, random, someone has the same shirt that you have. Its even more awkward when you are wearing the same thing, but what I am getting at is when you just see "your shirt" on someone else. You wonder if you left your place unlocked, this person came in and said "AWESOME" (cuz I only wear awesome) and they took it and left.

The other night when I was the Sword show I saw a guy with the same fleece that I have. What makes it odd is that it is a British Royal Mail Fleece jacket. It has certain logos in certain places, rain proof shoulders etc. What makes it even more bizzare is that I ordered it out of this random catalog I get. It sells unused state and federal employee clothing, as well as unused military goods. Blankets, storage crates etc. Its a cool "look over" but this fleece was pretty slick and it was 6.00 so I jumped on it.

I should have checked my closet this morning to make sure that guy brought it back.


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