Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just something to read...

So we are fast approaching the end of the year. Shopping is in the air, New Years resolutions are being batted around and trying to stay away from the cookie plate is harder and harder.

Not a ton to report on this end. Haven't been inspired to really write a lot. Getting a few requests to review cds here and there, did an interview with Joe Lally from Fugazi, some cool stuff like that.

Working on my year end list, well...kinda.

Bruins are doing pretty well, my fantasy team is doing eh.
Providence Bruins are doing not so good. We did the a cool "Skate with the Players" party a few weeks back. That was neat. The kids got some pictures and got to skate on the "same ice" so it was cool. Love that event.

I miss Breaking Bad.

Dexter has two episodes left for this season. Its been pretty good I think. They won't ever top seasons 1,2 and 4 but it is still very good.

The Walking Dead and the Office are just getting worse and worse. Why I am sticking with them I do not know.

I am not watching any "new" shows this season, and that is okay.

Yeah, well...not so much here. I FINALLY saw "Dr.Strangelove". I have/had this thing where i want to watch the 100 Best Films (You can find it on line..just don't feel like doing links) but i think it was the 100 Best American Films. Came out in 1997. I decided I'd take a look and honestly tell myself "if you never saw it, in full, unedited, you haven't seen it". As of this typing I have seen 36. Not "too" bad, but a long way to go.

I've got two things sitting at home for Netflix. Now that the Walking Dead is "resting" and Dexter is almost done I hope to get some films out of the way.

Always something to talk about here..but lets save that for the favorites of the year.

i guess I'll end it here for now....just "something" for now.


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