Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Parade

Okay, it has taken me long enough just to get these finally posted. The parade was back on June 18th and the season kicks off October 6th (tomorrow). For me to sort em would take even just bear with me.

I was on the corner of Boyleston and Tremont Street. I was on person off the rail with a stop light to my left so I could lean. I arrived early as you can see and it took over 1hr for the parade to get to me. Rumor has it that it was the largest parade for a team in Boston history. Seemed odd with the Red Sox taking longer to win, but their first parade was during the week, in November and it was raining.

Here goes.

This was the first duck boat to pass. On the back corner is Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara.

This shot was actually towards the end of the parade. I understood later that the cup was passed from player to player so each had time with it. My section of the parade had Mark Recchi

Another shot of Mark with the cup. We waiting a long time for this. People were going crazy.

This shot was early in day. Just before I took this picture 3 MBTA buses came down the street and unloaded the police. For a bit I felt VERY safe. The older man in the image was part of the only 3 people in front of me. They sat on the curb (and stood when the parade came) but we held our ground well.

This was before the parade got to us. It felt like ages and everyone was starting to get impatient. This is looking up Tremont Street towards the State House.

Here they come...we had waited hours and hours.

This is the first shot of the day I took. The roads were not even closed yet. The Boston Common is to the right (where you see the trees).

This boat had Dennis Seidenberg on the back corner.

Micheal Ryder (now with the Dallas Stars). Notice on the upper left of the image, someone taking video/photos with an iPad.

Lets get back to the cup. This is/was the closest I have been to the Cup.

This was a mix of players and other notables. To the left of the image is Rene Rancourt. He is the anthem singer for (most) of the home games. People love this guy. He was excited to be there for sure.

This is Milan Lucic

Nathan Horton tippin his hat..and yeah you can look at the blonde (his wife Tammy)

Bruins television color commentator Andy Brickley

So, that is it. Lets hope for a repeat in '11-12 and another parade.


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