Monday, November 29, 2010

Seriously...come on...people suck.

I work with animals.

and I am sick of it.

I haven't mentioned "Innitech" in some time, but this one needs to be talked about. It is not pleasant, but you are used to my horrid writing skills.

Working on the first floor has its stairs. That is about it. Since the building has a larger entrance/atrium as well as the cafeteria, kitchen and mail room there is not of room for desk or work space. Lets say every floor holds 100 people this one hold 50 to give you an idea.

Well what we get is our downstairs bathroom (at least the mens rooms and by some reports the ladies room too) DESTROYED by 10am most days. Every person on another floor feels they can come down to the first floor, use our bathroom because they won't pass that cute guy/gal on the way to/from the bathroom. Heaven forbid Mary in accounting knows you actually use a bathroom!

Today I found myself heading to get a drink when I had the sudden urge to sneeze..and thusly did so (yes I covered etc). I was a few steps from the mens room so I decided I'd go in grab some tissue to blow my nose and then wash my hands.(hey having 2 kids has you do this..a LOT). So I go in. The bathroom has 2 urinals and then 2 stalls. One is smaller and the second is the handicapped stall. The smaller stall was "occupied" and I figured I'd be quick in and out since I just wanted to blow my nose.

So I push the stall door open...and it happens. The bowl violations are like a car look...are grossed out..but want to give it a second look..all the while screaming at yourself.

I quickly tried to roll off some toilet paper..and I noticed..both rolls were EMPTY. (this was 10:40am or so) Stuffed in the area of the holders...was that hard coarse paper towel. Torn in to smaller sheets..but no less a disaster.

Still needing some tissue I thought I'd look towards the sink. Housekeeping often leaves a few rolls on the sink (wrapped etc) but there was none.

I wasn't too far from a sink in another area so I decided I could just leave...but then I worried the guy in the stall would wonder what the heck I was doing. I decided to give my hands a wash. As I was doing that a second person came in to the bathroom...and went right for the stall. Part of me wanted to warn him there was no paper before he sat down and then realized he ONLY option was what I like to call "Prison paper". Even people serving life have more comfortable toilet tissue.

He went in and just had at I guess he is in for a rude surprise.

Thanks for grossing up the LONE bathroom we have on the first floor.

People can be real assholes.


At Friday, December 03, 2010 9:30:00 AM , Anonymous Jason said...

The worst part is, that guy saw you at the sink and thinks you made the mess!

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