Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just some stuff.

So I dorked it up huge earlier this week. I waited outside for the midnight sale of a video game. Yeah crazy I know, but I really liked Modern Warfare 2 and the newest in the line is "Black Ops". I pre-ordered months ago and Monday night at 11pm I left my house and drove to the store. Easily 20 people in the store paying and finalizing the transaction, then 250+ in a line.

It is/was dorky but part of me wonders "What is left that people will wait out for?" People don't (or can't) sleep out for concert tickets. People don't have midnight sales of cds anymore because it appears that nobody wants to buy cds..well at least like that. Movies maybe people wait for..but I think video games is the last place where hard core fans will stand in line, or pre-order etc. Dorky and fun all at once.

Speaking of music and concerts I don't think I have much left I am waiting for cd wise in 2010. Maserati had their cd come out yesterday and other than Phish and Caspian in December I am not sure I'll get to another show.

TV wise has been slow. The wife and I have been watching Mad Men. I started off slow with the show but have grown to like it. We are on season 3 and having a hard time getting time to sit and watch together.

I bit the bullet as they say and bought Showtime for "Dexter". I loved LOVED season four even though I knew how it ended. This season is so far okay..I realize they need to mix things up. Waiting a week between episodes is a drag...but Sundays still rule. I started to watch the Walking Dead as well on AMC. That is pretty good too. After 2 episodes its already signed up for another season. I hope this season doesn't tank! 30 Rock still great, the Office I am really falling out of lust with. It just needs to end, it is time. Saturday Night Live is one thing I DVR each week and this season so far hasn't left many strong skits. I still watch, and will crack a smile, but I feel like they are really due for something.

Still haven't tasted Miles Davis Bitches Brew. My brother got me a bottle but I haven't seen him in a few weeks.

Sports wise, Boston Bruins are doing pretty well..we will take it. Providence Bruins are warming up some. After starting 2-5 they won their last 3 so that is a plus.

Just randomness I know...just felt like posting.


At Thursday, November 11, 2010 7:04:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

How is Dexter dealing with being a full time parent? I'm really worried the show will turn into a single father sitcom. The bf and I just got around to watching Walking Dead the other was great! We're trying to find time to watch the 2nd episode. I stopped watching the Office last season...that should have ended a couple years ago.


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