Monday, September 13, 2010

It would be easier on the Price is Right....

Well we done gone and done it...we decided to get a new car.

A new car for us is sort of a big deal, like for most. The biggest thing for us is we tend to drive cars in to the ground. The car we are replacing is a 1998, and it has 219,000+ on it. The impressive part is it still has the original clutch. The thing is/was a workhorse and I honestly have to say I will miss it. The biggest thing is just knowing it was such a dependable car.

Sure the new car is wonderful so far, but I need to get used to a car payment. With all the paperwork we have been doing for this new car we realized we made our LAST car payment NINE years ago this coming Sunday (or that was the day the title was created for us). It is just crazy. I've had this car longer than my son!

It was taken very good care of, but it is tired. I've got someone lined up to pay about $500 for it. My mother thinks we should get a least $1000 for it...but its a hard sell when a car has that high of miles on it. It might be easier to sell if it was an automatic as well..perfect..I mean PERFECT first car. 6 cd changer, moon roof, power just about everything...really if I was a junior/senior in high school my folks would be imploring me to buy it.

That is about the biggest news around these parts...


At Monday, September 13, 2010 7:56:00 PM , Blogger Jenny G said...

My friend just sold a car with 200K miles on it for $500. She said she could have gotten a grand but the odometer stopped working and it would be a huge deal to get it fixed. Congrats on your new car!


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