Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A photo journal of vacation....

Just goofed around with an iPhone app called "Hipstamatic". As you can tell it takes shots and ages them. I found out after a few days of use you can "shake" the phone to get random. I still like how the first image comes out the best w/the frayed sides etc. Feel free to click and make em bigger.

1. I am not a huge fan of flying. I know you can't control anything. I just was taking random shots waiting for our plane.

2. The night we got to (just outside) Cleveland we went out for a quick bite and ice cream. Cleveland has a lot of bridges. Just snapped one.

3. This is when I got used to "shaking" the phone to get a more random exposure. Stood in the same spot for this.
4. So we flew, then drove something like 400 miles to arrive in Meaford Ontario. It is really pretty and peaceful. This was the first shot I took looking down our hosts dock. No the world is not that yellow

5. Same deal w/shaking the camera. This one looks like a storm looms...
6. I took a few steps forward, shook the phone again and took this. I like this one the best.
7. I turned a bit to the right to take a shot down "the beach".
8. The wave runner getting ready for bed. I went for a ride on the back of it and we hit 73mph. Since I didn't have my glasses on I had no real idea how fast things were going. The thing moves that is for sure.9. Headed back towards Cleveland. I drove from Meaford Ontario to about Erie Pennsylvania. I was just bored and since I can't read (or sleep) in cars I figured I'd take some shots.

11. Some 7+hours in to our trip the lights of Cleveland. This is a blurry image of the ballpark the Indians play at.
12. We went downtown for a bit later in the week and my wife said we should check out the "Arcade". My kids and I were bummed there was no Tetris machines (I kid). It was a neat old hotel/mall. Very cool.
13. A set of stairs at one end of the Arcade. We walked to one end, then down these stairs.
14. The biggest, softest leather couches were strewn about the ground floor. I swear my son sat in/on each one.


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