Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just stuff...

Just time for one of those random all over the place posts...no links..cuz I am lazy and I don't think the 1 reader per month I get here is that new to the Internet to find a way to search for anything I might even mention.

Stuff around here has been okay..hope you are the same. I am fast approaching 40 years old and I am sort of struggling with that. I am not even really sure why. Its just a number some will say. I am pretty healthy, have a great wife, great kids and a safe home. Work is work. I'd rather not rustle down that path. Not sure what it is..just don't really want to be 40. Sorta have those moments of what have I missed in life, where should I be or what have you. I think it is all relative because good comes with the bad..over all its good.

2010 has been okay music wise. I still think the current era of music is the best. Sure I look back at 80's music, 90's music fondly etc...and I even look at last year or two years ago. I'd have to say that barring long standing bands I've always liked my favorite "new" bands are all under 10 years old. Some even less, which is exciting to think that more is yet to come. Speaking of music my other blog (Forgotten Disc Friday) got its third cease and desist order last week. That is frustrating, but at least they didn't smoke my post totally. They put it back in a draft status and allowed me to make edits (which is just removing the mp3's) I don't post em for long that is for sure. Its a way to get people to come, bookmark and read up, at least I hope. Oh well, System of Down, Paul Young and Depeche Mode all gave me gruff for posting song samples. I know it is "their music" so its all good my intent is not to rip these artists off. Stop by my house, or look at my credit card statement, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that buys more physical cds than me.

Stuff has been semi quiet on the live show front. Saw Phish a week or so ago and never wrote a review which surprises even me. It was fun, caught up with an old friend and we had lots of laughs. Going to the Flaming Lips tonight and then I cool off until the fall. There are always things I'd go to, but we shall see. I guess part of me is slowing down. There are so few bands that I *need* to see and with the hassles of traffic and other people at shows it is sorta a crap shoot to go. Some of my friends have totally given up (or go to one show a year) but I can't do that...just yet anyway.

I think I want an iPad. Part of me wants to wait for the next version, you know..so its cooler and faster etc. I also need a new car so I have to be smart on that front. Do I really *need* one, no, but if someone hands me one I'd use it.

Been pretty good about cutting down on TV this summer. My wife and I completed the Brotherhood Series (it was on Showtime and was real good) and we decided to give Mad Men a try next. Figure we can sit for 1hr every other night and chip away. We are two episodes in now to season 1. I am not blown away, but I realize it is early as well. It has potential.

Got on the bike last weekend for the first time in a bit as well. It was a grand time. I ended up riding about 15 miles and did about 1/2 of it off road as well which was really fun. It has been so dry around here (and hot) that it was more dusty than muddy but it made me long to get back out there. If we can break this insane heat wave we have going on I just might be tempted. I don't like waiting a few days between rides, because that becomes weeks with me (or months).

That is about it...just felt like putting keyboard to screen (not unlike pen to paper I guess)


At Wednesday, July 07, 2010 10:19:00 AM , Anonymous BBS said...

40 is no big deal, 45 on the otherhand...


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