Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Belles - new music.

Brendon Benson, Josh Ritter, The Magic Numbers, The Pernice Brothers, The Get Up Kids, Webb Brothers, Matt Pond PA, Ben Kweller... Just a few of the expansive list of acts that The Belles have shared a stage with across Europe and the USA. The media everywhere from the Britain's NME to LA Weekly, and a host of press in the Antipodes have referenced everyone from Elliott Smith to The Everly Brothers, Wilco, The Beach Boys and The La's in describing the band's sweet pop sounds. Quintessentially mid western (well, they are from Lawrence, KS, and list Paul Westerberg as an inspiration), their songs are honest and charming. And captivating.

After touring their much lauded debut 'Omerta' across both sides of the Atlantic, The Belles embarked on recording a follow up, an album that was to be entitled 'Misery Loves Industry'. But rather than celebrate its release, the band saw the record end up as another addition to the (long) list of "great lost albums" as the project was shelved. Confusion, record label difficulties, a few odd shows, and some lo-fi recordings released online, and that was it for The Belles, though the band never really called it a day. But fast forward to 2010, and with renewed interest, suddenly The Belles have risen from the proverbial ashes. With some of those lo-fi singles, and a large portion of the unreleased 'MIsery' album, the band has returned with a follow up - what really should have been the logical successor to 'Omerta'. Appropriately titled, 'Time Flies When You're Losing Your Mind' the album draws on all the strengths that gave the band its initial appeal - simple melodies, lo-fi charm, and great pop songs. As Time Out once proclaimed... 'simple, frills-free Americana'

The album is released June 8 through S-Curve Records

The Belles tunes!
Time Flies When You're Losing Your Mind is here
also "The Late Hours" here


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