Monday, May 24, 2010

Eric Matthews/ Seinking Ships

Eric Matthews. He was once of the legendary Cardinal - a groundbreaking orchestral pop act that paved the way for everyone from The Polyphonic Spree to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

Eric was also signed to Sub Pop and released the classic 'Fanfare' single (and an LP that MOJO cited as 'one of the 67 Lost albums You Must Own'). He decided to make an album with Ohio native Christopher Seink - mainly instrumentals inspired by 80's soundtrack music. But they decide some vocals would be great and the name Miki Berenyi comes up. Now note that Miki had dropped out of the music business after Lush, her much lauded shoegaze/dream pop band on 4AD had split up in the late 90's. Amazingly Eric found a way to get in touch, and sent her music. Even more amazingly Miki decided to become involved, and laid vocals on a few tracks for the album - a release that is entitled "museum Quality Capture'. No disputing this album is obtuse, but intriguing at the same time. And finally getting released!

Stereogum ran a piece with the song 'You Didnt Love Me' that you can check out here.

Pitchfork wrote about the project here.

Seinking Ships
One Day Forever check out the [mp3]
You Didnt Love Me (feat Miki Berenyi)[mp3]

The album is out June 8 on S-Curve Records

Here they are on myspace as well as their official site. For more stuff, check em out on facebook.

The label site is here.


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