Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make a change?

A few weeks ago I was helping my daughter with a badge for Girl Scouts. Their community project was cleaning headstones in a very old cemetery in our hometown.

The girls had to do this for a few weeks, but near the end they asked for some help from families. So, my daughter and I went and worked for about 2 hours to wrap up her badge requirements.

It was hard work, but would be a good gig if I could get it full time. You are outside, people are sorta spooked by them, so you wouldn't have to deal with many people. You can listen to headphones (or your radio). You'd probably have a sweet lawnmower and weed whacker too.

I know it would be hard work, and I doubt there is much money in it (or put towards the maintenance of them) unless you are a national cemetery.

It was interesting to read the headstones as well. It had a very old section that they are looking to get recognized so the federal government will chip in, but right now that is in the works. Most headstones seemed to show the persons life in a date range and would say "died at 25" for example. In reading you saw a lot of late teens, early 20's and 30's as you'd expect for the time. I saw one, where the gentleman died in 1845 (or something like that) aged 92!

I bet he drank, smoked and ate bacon and red meat...but he did it sparingly and then worked in a field for 18 I guess its give and take.


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