Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the News..

It has been a while..but here are a few.

A British study found that 20% of racy texts are sent to the wrong person.

The state of Massachusetts had a list of the top 1,000 tourist attractions, but listed only 996 places, some of which don't exist any longer, are closed to the public, or are listed in the wrong towns.

June was the worst month on record for suicides among US Army soldiers, with 32 self inflicted deaths. 22 of them were from veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan - Foxnews.com

In 1960, just 12% of homes had air conditioning. As it became more common place the population of the south has grown by 96% and the west by 143%. -The LA Times.

Looks like e-books are here..at least for now. Amazon.com has reported that they sell more electronic books than hardcovers. The site has been selling hardcovers for 15 years, and electronic versions for only 33 months. bloomberg.com

American passenger airlines collected $1.86 billion in extra fees in the first quarter of 2010. USAToday

20 homes on Nantucket Island were sold out of foreclosure in the first six months of 2010. CNNmoney.com

A school teacher in New York has hit the 3 Million mile mark on his 1966 Volvo. His secret for the longevity? "Read the manual and do what it says".

The number of illegal immigrants entering the US has fallen from 850,000 a year to about 300,000 due to the weak job market. - Wall St.Journal



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