Monday, March 17, 2008

Whirlwind Washington Weekend

This was the weekend I headed to Washington D.C. to see the Bruins play the WashingtonCapitals. This is hopefully sort of the official start to "Trying to see the Bruins play a road game in every city". I saw the Maple Leafs play a few years ago up at the Air Canada Centre so it sorta counts, but not really.

Quick sort of boring run down if you care. Left my house at 11:15 for a 12:45 flight. I had checked-in online and was not checking a bag so it was quick right thru. Flight down was inside 1hr. Met up w/my buddy C and we headed back towards his house. Since I haven't been in the D.C. area in 20?? years we took the "long way". He is just in nearby Virginia so it wasn't too bad.

After arriving we sort of hung out. Watched the Bruins game from earlier in the day via TiVo and didn't know the score, so when the Bruins won in Overtime we were loving it (couple that w/the 6+ beers each in us). We shot some pool, played a little Xbox and headed to bed.

Chilled out Sunday morning then about 11 we left to go meet another guy that was going to the game. We decided to hit the Espn Zone for lunch. We headed towards the city but the St.Patricks Day parade caused us to loop, and loop and loop. I said "Park somewhere and we can walk for god sake!"

EPSN Zone was fun. We had a beer and planned to eat, but it was 45 minutes for a table. We played some games and headed to the Verizon Center. C and I had Bruins jerseys on and got stopped by a camera crew. It was American Hockey They had us play "word association" with B's and Caps players etc. I had to play dumb when they asked about the Caps coach..but all in all it was pretty fun. Rumor has it we will be on that site this week?? soon???

Inside the venue was pretty nice. Our seats were 5 rows from the ice and about 4 over from the tunnel where the Caps players come out. We were close for sure.

The game itself was good. It is a little hard to be a fan in another city, but overall the people didn't say much to me really (I was not looking for it either). Few highs and lows.

Highs - The seats. A+ Mr C on those. The game action..well played. Washington Caps superstar Alexander Ovechkin leaving the ice during the game, going down the tunnel right near us, and proceeding to beat the crap out of his stick. He was pissed about something. He then stood about 8 feet from me getting his next stick ready.

Lows - Well the Bruins losing in a shootout but the worst of the worse was the scoreboard would show game highlights WHILE the game was happening. We were low so we needed the video screen at times for the action to our right. It just pissed me off that they'd be in the attacking zone and they'd show a replay of some lame shot seconds before. F- to you on that Caps folks.

The game ended, we headed back to the airport and I paid $12.00 more to get on a flight that left 1hr+ earlier than I had planned.

I was was in my kitchen having a glass of water at 10:30pm.

Good times all in season we are not sure where to go, based off schedule of the Bruins, but then what works. Probably one of the three New York teams, or Pittsburgh.

So in closing
1 road game in the book
2 arenas (well 3 but Toronto only kinda counts for this project)
30 teams total = 28 more venues.


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