Monday, March 24, 2008

Okay seriously...What the F? **Updated 3/26

Seriously, off and on for about a week now a f'ing Woodpecker has been hammering on my house. What makes this annoying beside the fact that its woodpecker pecking at my house before that my house has new vinyl siding on it.

Before the siding I had exposed cedar shingles on my home. I mean the whole house was "wood". No woodpecker. Now that i have spent 1/2 the yearly tuition at a Ivy League school to get this done I am sort of less than pleased. Its sporadic, every other day..a quick few whacks then its done. I have been getting right up and sticking my head out the window to shoo the bugger away, but most days it is gone.

I need to check to see if there is any damage but from what I have been reading I can't wait really to see if it will "end" I need to scare it off (mind you I have bird seed that it has been eating like a horse) on the back patio. What is with this dope.

I'll be on the ladder...piss me off.

Oh, and not that I want to hurt the thing, but in looking, most woodpeckers are "protected" so even if I was to "go that route" I don't want the fines and guilt that go with it.

**Updated 3/26**

Well in reading up some, the birds are marking their territory or "calling for a mate". I think it found a mate, because today there were two of the buggers and they looked similar yet different (ie. colors etc). I stood outside for 10 minutes yesterday and had no I was awoken to one..4-5 taps then done. I also got up on my roof to see whats doing and so damage. I just need to be around to "bug them" away. In reading it could be a 2-3 week thing. Most of all I am happy for no damage. They are pretty to look at..but the moment you screw w/my it!


At Monday, March 24, 2008 6:50:00 PM , Blogger B. said...

Perhaps a stray cat will take care of him.

At Monday, March 24, 2008 9:45:00 PM , Blogger Lars said...

You need a camera, a laser, a gun on a motorized pivot, and a silencer. Then steer the gun from the house by using the camera... woodpecked solvedd.

At Wednesday, March 26, 2008 10:30:00 AM , Blogger Jocular Schlemiel said...

I like how Lars thinks

At Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:50:00 PM , Blogger Jennifer Leigh said...

Get a dog and teach it to bark at woodpeckers. (my secret way of getting you to adopt a dog...hehehe...)

At Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4:56:00 PM , Blogger March to the Sea said...

No dogs way. Plus the bird is gone so fast...

we have a few cats around B. but I think these would scare even the strongest of cats.

Lars - good idea but on many levels..lets hope it doesn't come to that!


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