Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time for a new feature....

I try my best to keep positive on this blog but it is time to start the "Random Musings Jackass Award".

People can be total jackasses sometimes.

Case in point.

On the radio today I heard a story about the recent elections that took place in Cambridge, MA. That day at the polling stations a local boy scout troop made arrangements to put out donation boxes. The donations were for toiletries for the troops.

The polls open and in the morning all the bins were removed.

The reason?

A voter felt that the bins indicated a "Pro War" stance. Thus they were removed.*

Are you Effing kidding?

Congrats the "Voter" in Cambridge. You are the first winner of the most coveted award in blog land.

Random Musings Jackass Award #1

* the same radio station that covered the story is accepting donations.



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