Friday, March 13, 2020

Hockey and some randomness.

Since it seems like we are all experts on what is going on I figured I’d add my two cents or add to the mix, or just keep busy.

The NHL season went on hold on March 11th.  Although nothing has been made official I will just use the NBAs mention of “at minimum shut down of 30 days”.  Using that bit of information lets give this a go with the team I follow the most, The Boston Bruins.

At the time of the stoppage the Bruins were in first place in their division as well as the whole league. They have played 70 games and are/were 44-14-12 for 100 Points.  6 points ahead of St. Louis Blues as well and 8 points ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning who are in the same Division (and conference for that matter).

It has been a fun and solid season.  David Pasternak is 2 goals shy of 50.  We are so very close!
I saw a tweet/or meme or something yesterday about how the rules state that the team that was in first during any stoppage or season type ending situation would be Stanley Cup Champions.  So, that is a plus for us right??

I’d love to see Pasta hit 50 and I’d love to see them win the cup, but got to be real….

Using the 30 days as a window that would put the season as being wrapped up on Friday April 10th.  Almost a full week after when the Bruins regular season was slated to end (at home) on April 8th.  We are losing out on 12 games total potentially.  6 at home and 6 on the road, 3 of which were part of their West Coast swing (LA/SJ and ANA).

Perhaps you let the teams “already in” just “be in” and any bubble team play a 1 game play for the bottom seed…or..and I need to look at the math just eliminate the bubble teams and go with the teams “in it”.

Guess I am typing stuff to keep busy…       

Another bummer to all this…the Providence Bruins are ripping off 11 straight wins!


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