Monday, February 4, 2019

A Football post - the Superbowl and leading to it.

So I started to write this before the Superbowl…so lets leave it here..and then add some.

This past weekend the New England Patriots…did it again.  They won a game in heart stopping, gut check, don’t turn away fashion.  Something that, lucky, we have been on the plus side more often than not. (Patriots beat the Chiefs in overtime)
I want to start it all off by saying I am a casual fan of football, but that is not even fair.  I’ve been to a few games, I am curious about the score of the game, the standings.  Heck I even own a little gear, but I am not this over the top crazed fan.  My heart is more with the Bruins, but man we are lucky.
What is amazing to think about is just the sheer dominance the team has had for close to twenty years.  Read that again. TWENTY years.

My son has no real concept of the Patriots having a bad year.  Yes we haven’t made the playoffs, or won the division, but this is so common to us as well we take it for granted.  Or do we?
Now one thing to keep in mind is yes the patriots have been to the Super bowl a lot, and won a lot compared to other teams but they never make it easy on themselves.  Outside of their first ever Super bowl beat down by the Bears (their first, and hey the Pats did score first in this game) no Super Bowl game has been a blow out for either team.

In their Super bowl WINS they have won by:
3,3,3,4 and 6 points.  (That’s in order of wins by the way).  The 6 was the TD in OT in the comeback game. But this team likes to keep you guessing.

36, 14, 3, 4, 8 points.  The 3 and 4 point loses were to the Giants.
See why we need to check the heart rate?
What this team has been able to do is remarkable.  It was interesting to hear a comment last night during the game is that the Patriots don’t have these “high draft picks” because of their record (that’s fair) but what is amazing is how they prove that getting the right people make the team.  How many #1 or other first rounders have been busts?  Not to say a 5th rounder is not a bust either, but these deep picks keep finding homes in New England.  They buy in to a system and off it goes.

I can’t imagine any player in the NFL doesn’t want to play in/for New England?  I really can’t see a person not wanting to do that.
It can be tough having people dislike your local team.  I understand that many people are thinking “them..again?”  Yes…them again.  I am not sure who the networks or league would look at to have a “marquee” game?  Tom Brady vs Drew Brees?  Young quarter back vs young quarter back.  Two first timers would be fun to watch I guess.  For the most part though people are out of the hype.  For example I don’t follow other teams press conferences and read their injury reports..that stuff all gets forced on you.  Sports TV and Radio will have two weeks (gasp) to build this game up.
That leads to the next two weeks of “speculation”.  There is talk of some big names from the Patriots stepping aside.  If the patriots do it again, and make it SIX wins it would be hard to look at retirement all the more fondly.
Growing up I remember the “lean years” and its been one heck of a ride.  We need to step back and marvel at this from time to time what we are seeing play out before us.

Updated – the day after Superbowl 53
Okay, the Patriots won….again.  Funny how this works.  Now the “lowest scoring superbowl of all time” yet they won 13-3.  So, they actually WON by ten.  Their greatest margin in a SuperBowl win.  We even needed to wait until the fourth quarter to get a touchdown and still had the Chargers driving down the field.  It wasn’t easy and it was borning.  I am not sharing anything new here.  Nobody at work today said they loved the game, or that it was exciting.  It’s easy to see how the ratings were down for the game.
People are burned out on the Patriots and as much as it is a thrill to see them win I think we are getting to that spoiled level.  Actually we have passed that.
It is a great sports town and sports fans realize winning it all is a big deal, and in most cases, pretty rare.  Enjoy it while it lasts…even if its 20 years!

With all of that hopefully you get to experience your team win the “big game” once if your lifetime.  It really is thrilling.


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