Friday, October 19, 2018

Random Stuff...sorta all over the map...

Random Musings indeed…

Let’s chat a little about music today.  Not that we don’t do that very often here but I feel compelled to talk about a few things that have been striking a chord with me as of late.

In the Out of Left field category I had to mention The Marcus King Band.  A little back story, I went to see the Tedechi Trucks Band earlier this summer.  It had always heard good things about them live and the ticket was cheap.  The bill was TTB, Drive By Truckers and Marcus King.  Shame on me for arriving about ½ way in to the already short opener for the opener set.  He was terrific and I haven’t been able to get enough of his music.  Just released a new one last week too (just ordered but have yet to listen) and he is back in the Boston area in November.  First show sold out (I am at that one) but a second was added.  Get on the Marcus King train.  He is pretty great.  This is a good primer if you are not sure about him and the solo at the end is awesome, check out Virginia

Also sort of in the same vein I went to see the Outlaw Music Festival.  Willie Nelson was the headliner and I had never seen him live.  I am glad I went for sure.  Sturgill Simpson was another act on the bill and I had been listening to “Sea Stories” a lot as of late.  Alas, he didn’t play it but he is TREMENDOUS live.  File under “Won’t miss him when he comes around” category.

Now to change gears.

I had a buddy text me the other day about this band  
“Four Stroke Baron” Included was a link to this

 I’ve been smitten ever since.  Check out their bandcamp page as some of their older stuff has a “name your price” download.  Throw em a few bucks.  The new album is due in November and you should pre-order it.

Since we are talking about downloading, This Will Destroy You released two albums worth of material in about two weeks.  It sort of drove me crazy because I could not find any information on a cd physical copy ANYWHERE.  Then BOOM they drop this second album and you can order them on CD.  I was too impatient and went the digital route for both.  The cool part is when I saw the band earlier this year I actually spent some time chatting with the guys in the band and they eluded to the fact they had enough material for two records and “would the fans want that much stuff”.  Ummm yep..we do.  They play Brighton Music Hall on October 28th.  I am not sure I can make it out to that one, but should you be in the area they are worth it.  Grab both of the albums here

If you are a casual fan of this blog you know I worship Caspian and they are back on the road supporting Minus the Bear on their farewell tour.  I’ve been listening to three of the Minus albums in a pretty steady rotation.  I’ll admit I don’t know a ton about them but in reading fan reviews etc people are raving about the set they play.  They do two shows at the Paradise in Boston on Thursday the 25th and then Tuesday the 30th.  I think I’ll stay late for one of them…we shall see.  Part of me wants to leave early night one, stay late for night 2, but when I am in the heat of the show(s) who knows.  I do have responsibilities both days “after” so that puts a damper on things too.
Minus the Bear

Changing gears again:               
I sold a bunch of stuff to a local shop to “clean out” and ended up getting some catalog stuff I never had on cd.  The Smiths were the band I grabbed a few albums from.  Along the same vein there is a new Echo and the Bunnymen cd out.  Its called “The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon”.  Is mostly re-recordings with a few new tunes.  I like it, but I liked the original versions as well.  It’s hard when you are used to certain things to get overly excited about the changes.  Some are sped up a little, others are “busier” than you are used to hearing.  I have it with me at work today and want to give it another listen.
The Bunnymens official site

Okay, fourth gear:
There is a new  High On Fire cd out that is pretty great.  I have to say they continue to release stuff that I always find something worthy of.  Yeah, we are all over the map here I understand but should the mood strike you they are pretty good.  Matt Pike also dusted off  Sleep  earlier this year and toured.  The guy doesn’t seem to slow down.    Keeping with the guitars there is a new Earthless  live album due out this week too.  I’ll buy that.  Same buddy that turned me on to Four Stroke Baron got me to see Earthless live a few years ago so I pretty much trust him on most things.    

I think that covers the music realm.

Usual stuff on TV for me.  I have the old habits but nothing has really grabbed me.  The Roseanne spin off started up.  I have that recorded and have yet to watch.  Have high hopes and despite Rosanne’s issues I usually liked that show.  Curious to see where this goes.  Also started (about ½ way done Season 1) of Ozark.  Its good, but I can’t take too many more days off from it.  I am going to start forgetting.  I feel it has its Breaking Bad moments and any time you tell someone you are watching it they freak out with excitement for you…so there is a lot to live up to.  I am almost done with the HBO Series “Girls” as well.  I have to say I really liked this show.  Maybe it’s the 30 minute run time that its easy to get in/out but I do enjoy it for some reason.  Not sure I am supposed to, but I’ll run with it.

Saturday Night Live still remains a DVR show for me.  A buddy once said to me that the really good stuff you’ll see all over Facebook the next day, yet I still seem to record.  There are ok moments but the musical guests so far have done zero for me.  Cuts my viewing time down a lot.
Outside of Sports and my old man “Series Recoding” type shows nothing else has piqued my interest.

Saw Venom earlier this week.  My son wanted to see it and I too was curious.  I thought it was “ok”.  My son felt it was “slow”.  I guess I too kept waiting for that big wow moment.  I’d have been just has happy seeing it on Blu-Ray in a few months.
I’ve been slowly (really slowly) trying to complete the AFI 100 Best American Films list for years.  Typically I try to watch something from that list every 1-2 months.  That turns in to 3-4 months.  I did recently see “The French Connection” and I did enjoy it.  There are some massive duds on that list too mind you.  I get that they were watershed moments in cinema at the time, but some are just brutal.

To sort of set the idea of my goal, the initial list came out in 1998.  I’ve been using that list.  They re-did the list in 2008.  When the 2008 version came out there was “more” movies that I had seen than the 98 list.  So I figured I’d do the 98 list and circle back on the 2008 list.  So…it has been a process for sure.  The idea is neat, but I still have about 30 to go on the 1998 list.  
Here is the 1998 list: it has a link to the 2008 list too.  So for example Titanic is on the 2008 list, but not the 98 list.  Its something fun and more a conversation starter.  In order to check the movie off my list I need to see the film in full..and the unedited version.  I don’t need to see any “expanded” editions just the “original” and in most cases I need to rent the DVD so that is how I’ve chosen to do it.


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