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Caspian - The Met - Pawtucket RI May 8, 2015

The Met Cafe,Pawtucket RI
Friday May 8, 2015
Support - Bloodphesant

So its been a bit since I've updated the blog but when I get to see one of the bands that I just adore it always stirs my creative juices and I had to put finger to keyboard.

When we last saw Caspian live they were doing their 10th Anniversary show at the Larcom Theater. It was an amazing night and  I wrote about it.   Anyhow, the band has been hard a work since.  They are set to release a blu ray of that very show in the coming weeks. (you can pre-order it  in a link below)  They also headed to the studio to record LP#4.  As of this typing its "done" and according to the band they hope to see it come to the masses at the end of September.

So,the band decided to do a one off show before heading to play a set at the Dunk! Festival (holy crap I wish I had tickets for this).

The band hit the stage shortly after 10 and its always a thrill to see them just walk on the stage. The lone bummer of the night was the lack of any sort of light show.  Awash in a blue light it was hard to see the guys and I think that kept many a cell phone camera away (hence the image from their wiki page up top). Opening with "The Raven" it was a full on assault. The crowd was that of adoring fans.  The last time we were together for a "seated"show so it was nice to get up and move with others.  The band then played their first of two new songs "Darkfield".  It was good, and I am curious to hear this one develop.

The always welcome, file under my all time favorite song from them, came in "Some Are White Light".  I never get tired of that song and honestly the band could have walked off stage and I would only have been mad for a instant.  They mellow it out some with "Concrescence"and I get now why they do this.  They need  breather as they then launched in to the "The Heart that Fed" a track from the bands last ep.  That then spiraled in to the always crowd pleasing "Gone in Bloom and Bough".  This 8+ minute romp takes you on a ride and the false ending still catches me off guard.  The band then played the last song off the main set a second new one called "Arc of Command". Now I'll admit I was texting the set list to a buddy that couldn't make it.  I wrote as it started "new one".  Then as the song absolutely blew my brains in I texted him again...and simply said "Whatever it was, its our new favorite".  It was awesome.

The band left the stage and returned with "Halls of Summer" in which Phil took a moment to thank us all again and sort of give a report on the band, the album, (sept) etc.  We then got the standard closer of "Sycamore" with the band engaging in the full circle drum circle at the end.  It never ever fails.

The Full Set:
The Raven
Some Are White Light
The Heart that Fed
Gone in Bloom and Bough
Arc of Command
Halls of Summer

As the weekend progressed the band was hosting a listening party. Basically they have 30 ipods loaded with the new record and you can go to a park or what have you with the band and listen..soak it in and then talk about it.  There was a system mishap for me personally when the tickets for that went on sale and sadly I missed it.  A friend was able to go and posted pictures.  The band set up on the ocean, brought out a grill and hung out.  All fans needed to do was bring headphones.  A wonderful experience I am sure.  There are few more of these headed to Europe. Jump on this if you can..sounds awesome.

For everything Caspian visit their website
To preorder the Blu Ray  check out this link
To try to get in to a listening party in Europe: here (a few are sold out)

Also..a little birdy told me a US Tour is planned and Boston gig is towards the end of October...lets leave it at that!



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