Monday, February 9, 2015

Just a is: The Grammy Awards"

Quite honestly if I was not on social media I am not sure I'd even know the Grammy Awards were on television last night.  (Better Call Saul, Walking Dead, Bruins DVR was smoking..)

The big deal this year seems to be about one artist complaining another artists should give up their award to ANOTHER artist because that artist did it better and needs to be respected.

Notice I have left out names. The funny part is both the artists being discussed have made my year end favorite list(s).

Looking around social media I came upon the "bent out of shape" artists "quote".  Its just comical to me as a music fan.  The way it was spoken about you can change the name(s) to an artist you like and an artist you don't like.  Its a big name calling why did they win and I didn't?

Maybe because your record sucks?

I don't know. I haven't heard it.

What I am getting at is that the older I get the less this stuff matters.  Really.  People get worked up over a "best new artist" and then in a few years..poof they are gone.   One of the names I hear that was so wonderful was Annie Lennox.  Singing a "standard" from her album of standards.  See,she can sing and lets it all be known she can sing. She takes a chance, she is creative...she is an artist.  It happens with everything I understand.  Try to name the Oscar Winner for best film from last year...two years ago?  Remember these are considered "The best" by "experts".

Chances are your favorite musical acts have won an award, but chances are greater they haven't.   When an "artist" makes a record, paints a painting, directs a movie, acts etc etc, chances are the LAST thing that is on their mind is dressing up in a gown/suit and then thanking people for making is possible.  Consider them giving you an award, for caring, and speaking about their music.  That should be an award enough for all of us.


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