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Slint - The Paradise Boston April 29, 2014 setlist picture

The Paradise
Boston, MA
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Support – Spires That The Sunset Rise

One of the biggest, littlest known bands of the 1990s has quietly been doing shows here and there to ravenous audiences. Slint, who disbanded before much live support of their seminal album “Spiderland” was released was long looked at as “never going to tour again”. Band members went off to other things, some stopped playing all together.

Then, they played some shows.

Then, they played more shows.

People came and people cared. In 2005 I had the chance to see them and it was really great. I felt satisfied then in what was being told “that’s it we are done”. Well they toured again and played Spiderland in full, but that didn't come local. Last night they came back. Had it really been 9 years?

The band took the stage just before 930 and opened with “For Dinner” from “Spiderland” and it was just awesome. The audience was dead silent as Brian McMahan and David Pajo tuned their instruments. Ultimately they'd play the entire record (not in order) but I got to hear all six of the tunes live. The fourth song of the set found them playing “Darlene” from the album “Tweez”.

The stage banter was minimal. A quick “thank you” in to the mic was about all we got. The audience would shout requests and thank yous and the band seemed to crack smiles, but it was all business. McMahan was far off to the side whenever there were vocal portions. He was WAY over to the side mind you, like on the edge. The band doesn't work the stage a lot, but they made up for it with the music. From the moment chords were struck the room would erupt.

“Good Morning, Captain” ended the set, and ultimately the show. By the time McMahan screamed “I miss you!” You'd think the roof was going to blow off. Drummer Britt Walford was busy, but largely hidden by his drum kit.

For a band that hasn't released any new material in over 20 years and plays few shows they are remarkably tight. They have aged well, looking like the guy across your back yard mowing his own lawn and maybe willing to share a can of domestic beer with you on that hot day.

They left the stage with two songs still on the set and didn't return. Quick waves but not a lot of acknowledgment otherwise.

Take the chance to see them if you can. If the band could do things on their own terms you wonder if any new material would come of it.

One can only hope....

Image of the set list:

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