Monday, March 3, 2014

Live Review - Caspian - The Middle East Upstairs March 2, 2014

The Middle East (Upstairs)
Cambridge, MA
Sunday, March 2, 2014

Support - Junis

The number is now 18. I know there are readers out there that have seen any band (usually jam bands) far more often than 18 times, but its pretty great that a band you really like you get the chance to see this often.

Each show has been as good, or better than the last. They always seem to bring the their passion and drive to the stage.

The band is back from a European run and did a one off in New York the night before and before the week is through the band is heading to Australia and the Philippines. Its just amazing the sheer # of shows this band has played (over 600 now).

Taking the stage shorty after 10pm the band opened with “Fire Made Flesh” and would unload an 11 song set that just never let up. Playing on the very very small stage the band had to swerve and bob out of the way of guitar necks and drum sticks. The stage was full with members, and the room was just booming.

The sound was good, but the crowd was packed in all you could do was rock in your own little space. Many were simply lost in the music. Its always fun to scan the room and see eyes closed, heads slowly swaying and smiles from ear to ear.

It is always a thrill to see the band and they play each show like it will be their last, or someone is going to take their instruments away. It just never lets up.

Try to see them, I say it all the time..but do it. You can do it for cheap money get on it before I can say “I told you so”.

The full set:
Fire Made Flesh
Of Foam and Wave *
The Heart that Fed
Gone in Bloom and Bough
Halls of The Summer
The Raven
E: Malacoda
Some Are White Light

*High lonesome tease/intro

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