Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A View from the Couch....

So..whats been up with you?

The big thing around here has been the wrap up of Dexter and Breaking Bad. Both shows wrapped up their series a week apart. Both I have enjoyed from the beginning and only one was really satisfying in the end.

Yes..Breaking Bad ended up better.

There was a time when all I cared about on TV was Dexter. I'd get Showtime the weekend it started, and would cancel the night after it ended. I've stopped doing that since Homeland started when Showtime got smart this year and decided to run both Homeland and Dexter NOT at the same time.

So Dexter ended, and it went out with a whimper sadly. The show had fallen off a lot with me, but I had been with it since the start and wanted to see how it ends. I am sure if you watched you've seen it and made up your own mind. There are parts I was “okay” with, but the horrible visual effects, and the calmest “hurricane is coming” ocean waves really bugged me. More so that the “Lumberjack” stuff.

Dexter is/was better than that. They got lazy and I feel almost like they decided the week before of what to do.

How it could have ended I do not know. I always felt it should have ended with Dexter being “found out” and how he realized that even if it was “good” he was doing it was against the law. An episode with each character he had fooled etc. Don't know. Don't need to worry about it.

Breaking Bad on the other hand had some of the best episodes of TV ever..period. The final few were just gut punches that found me finding out as much as I could on Twitter or reading in to the subtle nuances of a shot. Think of any other show you ever did that for.

I was pleased with how it ended, but part of me wished Walt was holding the gun vs. letting it be some robot. Call it a Rambo thing...but as it faded to back I wasn't saying “what the hell”. Other than the “What happens to Jesse, or the family” type things you pretty much knew how the show ended. It was nice that they didn't need to kill off everyone too.

That sorta leaves a huge hole in my TV “Series” watching. I do watch Homeland and Walking Dead is coming up, but otherwise I don't have anything that I “must” see. What are you watching? What do I need to be made aware of?


At Wednesday, October 02, 2013 7:40:00 PM , Blogger Jen Wood said...

The last time Dexter was good was the Trinity season. The season with the Doomsday killer was ridiculous, as when Deb's incesty thing for Dexter. The Hannah season wasn't as bad as the Doomsday but it wasn't great.

Breaking Bad was shot like a movie rather than a TV show. Great cinematography.

Do you have Netflix? We really liked Orange is the New Black and are working on House of Cards.


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