Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Greg Friedman - New music..Recommended if you like Pop/Rock!

Recommened if you like early Weezer!

Greg Friedman is the playful jester of the indie world, gleefully tossing bits of heartfelt sentiment, idiosyncratic quirkiness, pop culture and whatever genre strikes his fancy against the wall to see what sticks. His latest release Can't Talk Now finds Friedman dabbling in Scissor Sisters sleaze-funk one moment before launching into a tender anthem about a beloved stray dog named Pancake the next. Sprinkled throughout with lush, Nick Drake-inspired balladry, the record is a bit like being tossed into a pop blender, seeing obvious guideposts and influences along the way, while simultaneously being swept up in Frieidman's own unique vision.

Can't Talk Now is a tribute to Friedman's love of vinyl, and the idea of a cohesive, complete visual and sonic package. For the album's cover, Friedman reached out to the late artist responsible for one of rock's most iconic and enduring images. "I contacted Storm Thorgerson, the artist who did Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album cover (among many others) and asked him if he'd work on mine," says Friedman. "He wrote me back right away and said that he's rarely in the States but happened to be in Los Angeles, and here I was in San Diego and it must be serendipity. So I hopped in the car, drove up to meet him, and the rest is history."

Check out a the single "Melancholy Medley"

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