Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the News

Typos earn google 497 million dollars per year. About 68 million people per day mistype the name of highly trafficked web sites landing on bogus sites (called typosquatters) to which google supplies ads.

The French spend an average of 31 minutes eating lunch, down from over 90 minutes in 1975. - The Economist

More than 10,000 children go to the Emergency Room each year because they are choking on food, of which 17% are hot dogs. - USA Today

For the Winter Olympics the organizers stocked each village with 100,000 condoms - 14 condoms for each of the 7,000 athletes, coaches, trainers and officials that were housed there. At the Sydney Games in 2000 they handed out 70,000 and had to order 20,000 more.

Olympic bronze medal winners are, on average, happier with their finishes vs. the silver medal winner. Bronze winners are just happy to have won, while silver medalists fixate on the near miss.

Itunes recently sold its 10 BILLIONTH recording since being introduced in 2003. Over that time, the record industry's total revenues have declined from 14.3 billion to 6.3 billion. -

U2 was the top touring act in 2009 making 109 million from touring, merchandise, record sales and other methods. The runner up? Bruce Springsteen at 58 Million. Billboard.

When Gatorade severed their ties to Tiger Woods it was estimated that the contract which was signed in 2007, was valued at over 100 million dollars. - USA Today

A lack of clean water is killing 1.8 million children under age 5. More people die from polluted water than from all wars and other violence.

Fewer than half of the 229 million doses of H1N1 vaccine the government bought to combat swine flu have been administered, as the demand faded off. About 71 million doses, already in syringes and vials will soon have to be discarded as they will hit their expiration date. The Washington Post

Colleges received more than 1 million more applications for federal financial aid in early 2009 vs. 2008. - The Wall Street Journal


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