Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cool band Alert - Saintseneca (part 2!)

We have written about Saintseneca back in September) and based off some of the emails, many folks felt the same as I and kinda dug their stuff.

Good news for you today!

Here is info about the NEW Columbus, OH based band Saintseneca's new - Grey Flag EP that is being released TODAY. Paper Brigade is releasing it as a limited cassette tape and digital EP on March 30th, 2010. This is the band's second proper release and Paper Brigade's sixth release. It's available at all digital retailers / online through the Paper Brigade store. They just got done playing a bunch of shows (Horse Feathers, Vikesh Kapoor, Old Hannah and others) around the East Coast and were well received.

Grey Flag is the second EP from Saintseneca on Paper Brigade. Their self-titled debut was released last September and quickly won listeners over its convergence of banjo, dulcimer, violin, stomps, claps and layers of vocal melody all creating sudden symphonies of joyful noise. Needless to say, the vinyl pressing sold out in short order. The new EP, Grey Flag, delves deeply into themes of love and lust, war and death, rejection and escape, and a God that does or does not tie them all together. Lyrically it's about the confusion of being both enamored with and frustrated by the complexity and unknowable nature of an ideology, a lover, a history. It's a distinctly American sound rooted in the rural Appalachian environment where three of Saintseneca's members began playing music together as teenagers. One can easily imagine them discovering punk, discovering folk, recognizing the similarities between the two and applying them to the traditional instrumentation of their culture. In a live setting, Saintseneca transfixes audiences with soulful shredding and unchained melodies. They have the potential to become a truly important band and Grey Flag is clearly a step in that direction.

The song "Grey Flag" that you can download here.

The band on myspace
The label site is here
Also, there is even more information on a band site here.



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