Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Music, tickets and rambling...

So it looks like Pearl Jam is hitting the road once more this spring. The good news for me, being a fan, is that they come to Boston on just about every tour.

Today was the fan club pre-sale option to get tickets. It was a trying process this time around but after 40+ minutes of trying I was able to get tickets.

People can slam the band for any reason they want, but they do try to cater to the fans with these pre-sales. Lucky folks are able to know if they have tickets before tickets go on sale to the general public.

There are a few small issues the band/management could do to make things a little better. First and foremost is they almost ALWAYS play two shows in Boston, yet every pre-sale only covers one show. That causes such a bottle neck for that one show. You could get a password to use and it can only be used once. It is simple enough to do. They had it set up where I tried to get on to more than one session to get tickets today and when I went to the second session it warned me I was already logged on. It would be nice to see them go this route.

Also, as much as I am THRILLED that Band of Horses will open up for them it might be time for Pearl Jam to go to the no opener 2 set sorta deal. Pipe dream I know and many fans would argue how do you get a band to slow down, then stop for 20 minutes, but why not? By not going on stage until 9pm you are locked in to a 11pm curfew in most cities anyway.

I lucked out on tickets which is nice..but got a few months to wait (and pay for the tickets).


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