Thursday, November 19, 2009

Star Wars : In Concert, TD Garden, Boston MA Novemeber 14, 2009

Star Wars : In Concert
TD Garden (Boston Garden)
Boston, MA
Saturday, November 14, 2009

It had been on the radar for a bit, but in looking tickets were just a little pricey and not too many people were anxious as I was to go it seemed.

Lucky for me, I ended up winning a pair of tickets on a local radio station.

They had done a show earlier in they day, but I was at the 8pm show. Shortly before 8 the orchestra began to take the stage and then after a few minutes of tune up the lights came down and the "theme" for THX was played. (Think of THX/Surround sound at the stat of your movie watching). That went right into the theme for 20th Century Fox. The audience was eating it up with fun laughter. Then the massive HD Screen behind the orchestra displayed the words..

A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

and the place went NUTS.

The orchestra (Royal Philharmonic, led by Dirk Brosse) had the place in the palm(s) of their hands. Anthony Daniels, who played C3-PO, provided narration for the show. He would come out, give a short story (all based off the films) and the orchestra would play the next selection. Daniels was well spoken as he walked back and forth on the massive stage and would even lapse into 3PO from time to time for a laugh. During a few selections their was also a chorus of voices to really bring it on (think of the light sabre battle with Darth Maul in Episode 1).

The first "set" ended after about 50 minutes and that led to a 20 minute intermission. During that time people could check out various props from the films (Han Solo in Carboninte) as well as Chewbacca walking around for pictures.

The second set was shorter, but still great. In set two was the "Cantina Band" song that actually was a radio hit at one time. The main show ended to a thunderous roar with lazers, smoke and fire pots flashing (Nothing you'd get with a night at the symphony!)

Daniels returned to the stage and asked if we really were ready to go, and he was met with a rousing chorus of "No". The orchestra sat back down and gave us a second playing of the the "Imperial March".

It was great for free and I'd think I'd have no problem paying next time.

The lone downside to the event was that you watch the massive screen and can often forget some pretty talented musicians are playing under the screen. If that is a "downside" it can only be a plus.

Check the official web site here for more info/dates/trailers etc.



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