Monday, February 23, 2009

A Night at the Oscars.

For some reason, the last few at least, I have watched the Oscars from start to finish. Mrs March always makes fun of me but for some reason I have sat through the last few years. I think the reason is that I have actually started to see a lot more of the movies that are nominated. This year I hadn't seen as many, but per the norm they were in my netflix queue before the night even began.

Rather than post links of everything (that would take way to long for the 2-3 readers that probably saw em anyway) here were some moments that caught my eye.

I just saw "Man On Wire" the winner of the best documentary. Great stuff, I suggest this as a rental. When Philippe Petit did the magic trick w/the coin, and then balanced the Oscar on his chin..pretty clever.

The Japanese director (I think) that in all his thank yous..thanked "Mr Roboto".

I did see the "Dark Knight" and I have to say I did like it, but was anyone else going to win Best Supporting Actor? It only had happened one other time, but it seemed like it would have been worse for him to not win. His parents acceptance speech was just right too.

I need to see "Slumdog Millionare". Same holds true for "Doubt" and "The Reader". It is hard to root one way or the other when you haven't seen. That being said, the winners of ALL the Slumdog awards seemed VERY excited, which is always nice.

Peter Gabriel screwed himself for being pissy about only getting a few moments for his tune in Wall-E. Lets face it, that Oscar is just a joke. The score to me is more important than some songs you don't even remember being in a movie.

I understand the "celebration of movies" but some of the flashback to what came out last year, as well as the musical numbers...eee gads. The movie spoof was pretty great though.

Sean Penn carried himself very well. It's just so funny, I still see him and think "Having some pizza and learning about Cuba".

That is about all that comes to mind. When it comes down to it, many of the "big awards" they all seem worthy so its hard. Does Steep get it just cuz she has been nominated 15 times, or does someone that breaks the mold like Anne Hathaway take it for breaking out of a shell. Its all a crap shoot right?

nobody asked, just my opinion.


At Monday, February 23, 2009 6:51:00 PM , Blogger Jenny G said...

I have Slumdog on my queue. It used to say it was coming out in March, but now it says unknows.

At Tuesday, February 24, 2009 9:20:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed watching the oscars but I knew slumdog would be a shoe-in.

And march, hun, on your blog it's all about your opinion . . . that's why I read :)


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